Office Rebuild (2)
Office Design & Buildout
Purchase, NY

*10 Position Trading Desk
*Cat6 Wiring
*Dedicated electricity supply
*Battery Back-Up System
*Multiple PBX's (Nortel & IPC)
*Dell Poweredge Servers
*Compaq Proliant Servers
*Cisco Switches & Routers
*Gigabit Backbone

MS Exchange, Outlook, Office Suite
Entire space was empty when we first
entered.  Coms room had to be built out
from scratch, as well as all new wiring
pulled.  There were no outlets in the
Coms Room, so those needed to be
wired out.  All new Cat6 Data/Telco
cable was pulled through the space.  
New 10 position trading desk was
installed minus the tops for wiring
purposes.  Each position will receive 6
Cat6 Connections as well as a dedicated
20 Amp Quad outlet which is spike
protected as well as Battery Protected for
12 hours minimum.
No core drilling could be done, so, all
Data as well as electric had to be run
overhead then down through power poles
at the far end of the desk.  Center
Channel Uni-strut was used to support
poles.  This will also be used to hang a
43" HDTV Plasma.
Coms Room Wall.  Ply needs to be
installed in order for the Phone Co. to
mount hardware to allow
communications.  One 8 Slot Cabinet for
T-1's have been installed so far.  More to
come shortly.
All Terminations are done to this patch
panel and run from here to the Trading
desk as well as the other offices in the
suite.  All Cat6 cables are carefully
punched and neatly organized to ensure
Mock up of Traders workstation.  There
will be two telephone systems at each
location.  The IPC (Black Phone) will be
used for trading.  The Nortel (White
Phone) to be used for all other calls.  
Each station will contain a minimum of 3
19" Flat Screen monitors.  They are all
tied into one keyboard and have the
ability to use the internet as well as
access Bloomberg and any other Market
Data Application.
A completed shot of the desk with a few
of the monitors and Plasma mounted.