Operation Basket Case
Type:  CJ7 Renegade
Year:  1982
Mileage: Ughknown
Color:   Black
Engine: 258 4.2L
T-case: Dana 300
Axles :  Dana 20 Rear, Dana 30 Front
Trans:  T-5

Front Brake Calipers, Rotors & Pads
Rear Pads, Pistons, & Drums
Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Master Cylinder
2.5" ProComp Lift Kit
Greaseable Shackles
LED Brake Lights
PIAA Back-Up  Lights
Complete set of  poly bushings
New Battery
Stereo / CD player w/ speakers
5 Super Swamper TSL 31.5

Condition:  Tub is rusted and the driver and passenger floor does not exist.  Exterior is ok with the
exception of two holes by the door hinge and latch base .  Axles appear to have been rebuilt prior to
purchase.  After bringing home the beast and going through it, I realized that I had my work cut out
for me.  I ripped out all the carpeting and the Back seat to find out that I could do the Fred Flintstone
with this Jeep.  The rotors had grooves as deep as 1/8" and the calipers had seen better days.  

So,  almost after 9 years, I ran into a friend of mine that I went to school with at the Tech Center in
NY.  Somehow, he has decided to help me work on this pile of scrap metal.